Staff Privacy Notice

Who does this notice apply to?

Administrative staff, contractors, managers, casual workers, temps and apprentices who may be employed or engaged by Freedom Engineering to work for it in any capacity, as well as prospective applicants for roles.

About this Privacy Notice

Freedom Engineering hold and process personal data and special category personal (sometimes called sensitive data) data about its current, past or prospective staff. This information is normally provided to Freedom Engineering by a prospective member of staff on an application form and is added to by Freedom Engineering over the course of employment. Information about staff and prospective staff is retained and disposed of in accordance with Freedom Engineering's Data Protection Policy and Data Retention Policy.

This Privacy Notice also applies in addition to Freedom Engineering's other relevant documents, including:

  • Any contract between the Freedom Engineering and its staff, such as the terms and conditions of employment, and any applicable staff handbook.

  • Freedom Engineering's data protection [includes the use of CCTV] policy

  • Please note that your contract with Freedom Engineering, including any document or policy forming a part of your contractual obligations to Freedom Engineering may supplement the information in this Staff Privacy Notice, to the extent that it will contain details of obligations or rights of Freedom Engineering under contract with you which may require the use of your personal data.

    What data do we collect?

    We may collect the following types of personal data about staff (and their family members and 'next of kin', where relevant):

    Contact and communications information, including:

  • Your contact details (including email address(es), telephone numbers and postal address(es);

  • Contact details (through various means, as above) for your family members and 'next of kin',

    in which case you confirm that you have the right to pass this information to us for use by us

    in accordance with this Privacy Notice;

  • Records of communications and interactions we have had with you;

       Biographical, educational and social information, including:

  • Your name, title, gender, nationality and date of birth;

  • Your image and likeness, including as captured in photographs taken for work purposes;

  • Details of your education and references from your institutions of study;

  • Lifestyle information and social circumstances;

  • Your interests and extra-curricular activities;

    Financial information, including:

  • Your bank account number(s), name(s) and sort code(s) (used for paying your salary and

    processing other payments);

  • Your tax status (including residence status);

  • Information related to pensions, national insurance, or employee benefit schemes;

    Work related information, including:

  • Details of your work history and references from your previous employer(s);

  • Your personal data captured in the work product(s), notes and correspondence you create

    while employed by or otherwise engaged to work for Freedom Engineering;

  • Details of your professional activities and interests;

  • Your involvement with and membership of sector bodies and professional associations;

  • Information about your employment and professional life after leaving the Freedom Engineering, where

    relevant (for example, where you have asked us to keep in touch with you);
    and any other information relevant to your employment or other engagement to work for Freedom Engineering

We may also collect special category personal data where this is necessary for your employment or other engagement to work for us and information about criminal convictions and offences, including:

  • Information revealing your racial or ethnic origin (usually anonymously);

  • Trade union membership, where applicable and not as a matter of course;

  • Information concerning your health and medical conditions (for example, where required to

    monitor and record sickness absences, dietary needs, or to make reasonable adjustments to

    your working conditions or environment);

  • Information concerning your sexual orientation (for example, in the course of investigating

    complaints made by you or others, for example concerning discrimination); and

  • Information about certain criminal convictions (for example, where this is necessary for due

    diligence purposes, or compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations);

    However, this will only be undertaken where and to the extent it is necessary for a lawful purpose in connection with your employment or other engagement to work for Freedom Engineering.

    Why do we process personal data?

    Freedom Engineering needs to process personal data about its staff for a number of administrative purposes:

  • Managing HR processes such as recruitment, and other relevant employment checks,

    payment of salaries and pensions, performance management, and training and development

  • Providing facilities such as the IT service, Wifi, and car parking provision

  • Monitoring equal opportunities - Preventing and detecting crime, such as using CCTV and using photographs

  • Providing communications about Freedom Engineering's news and events

  • Provision of wellbeing and support services

  • Compliance with legal obligations such as making external/statutory returns

    Freedom Engineering processes special category personal data for a number of administrative purposes:

  • Equal opportunities monitoring

  • Managing Human Resources processes such as administering Sick Pay and Sick Leave

    schemes, managing absence, administering Maternity Leave and related pay schemes

  • Managing a safe environment and ensuring fitness for work

  • Managing obligations under Equal Opportunities legislation

  • Provision of occupational health and wellbeing services to individuals

    The legal basis Freedom Engineering uses for holding this information is normally as a result of ‘legitimate interest’, in other words, Freedom Engineering needs this information in order to effectively manage Freedom Engineering. Some personal data will be held on a contractual basis or as a result of a statutory or legal obligation or to protect your vital interests (medical information, for instance). In these cases, Freedom Engineering is required to hold and process your information in order to perform its duties under its contract with you or in order to fulfil an obligation to a statutory body.

    Freedom Engineering will process your information in accordance with Data Protection Law (the General Data Protection Regulation and the UK Data Protection Bill and any other applicable law) and its own Data Protection Policy. To comply with Data Protection Law, information about individuals must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and securely, be adequate, relevant and not excessive, be kept accurate and up to date, held only as long as necessary and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully.

    How do we use your information within Freedom Engineering?

    Within Freedom Engineering personal data may be shared between colleagues who legitimately need the information to carry out their duties.

    Freedom Engineering may monitor computing use through usernames and logins to ensure adherence to the IT policies or for statistical purposes.

    Freedom engineering is required to obtain information about past criminal convictions as a condition of employment. 

How do we share your data with third parties?

Freedom Engineering may need to share your personal and sensitive personal data with third parties outside of Freedom Engineering who are contracted to work on its behalf, for example to pension and payroll providers, insurers or legal consultants. 

Freedom Engineering may also have to share your personal data with other third parties outside top Freedom Engineering for other purposes with your consent. However, there may be circumstances where information is shared without consent. This will only be if:

  • -  There is a statutory obligation to share the data; for example making returns to the local authority

  • -  Disclosure of non special category personal data is required for the performance of a contract

  • -  Disclosure is necessary to protect your vital interests; for example in medical emergency situations

  • -  Disclosure is made to assist with prevention or detection of crime, or the apprehension or prosecution of offenders

  • -  Disclosure is required by a Court Order

  • -  Disclosure is necessary to assist Freedom Engineering obtain legal advice

How long is my data kept?

Your personal data is kept by Freedom Engineering for as long as you remain an employee of Freedom Engineering. After this time, different legal retention schedules apply as detailed in Freedom Engineering's Data Retention Policy. 

Your rights in relation to your data you have certain rights with respect to the data held about you by Freedom Engineering. You can make a written request to obtain access to the data held about you by Freedom Engineering, subject to certain exemptions (a Subject Access Request).

You also have the right to have errors and omissions corrected or out of date or irrelevant information removed. 

If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, we ask that you raise any concerns with Mike Freeman, Director. Alternatively, if you believe Freedom Engineering is not acting in accordance with Data Protection Law, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office directly at

Last review: May 2018