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specialist gear, gear cutting
specialist gear cutting, spline,
specialist gear cutting, UK manufacturing

Spur and Helical Gears, Timing Pulleys,  up to 1500mm x 230mm (60" x 90 ") Face x 25 Mod


Spur and Helical Gears, Timing Pulleys 1100mm DIA x 380mm (44"  x 15 ") Face x 12 Mod


Spline  Shafts both British and Continental Specifications large DIA and Length


Internal Gears and Splines 1000mm DIA (40")


Bevel Gears 600mm DIA x 12 Mod (24" x 3DP)


Spiral and Hypoid Bevel Gears 900 DIA x 17 Mod ( 36" x 1.5DP)


Worms and Wheels 11000mm DIA (44")


Lead Screws and Reversing Thread 300mm DIA


Thread Grinding 300mm DIA x 920mm Long (12" x 36")


Racks Up to 8 Mod (3DP)


Internal Keyways up to 55mm wide x 550mm through


General Engineering Capacity For Gear Blanks


Turning Up to 1500 DIA


CNC Turning Up to 800 dia (multiple machines)


CNC Milling 3 Axis Up To 1250x600


CNC Universal Cylindrical  Up To 300x800




Surface Grinding 700x305


Plane Cylindrical 500x3048


Spline Grinding

Gear Grinding 650 DIA. 12 Module with Crowning and Profile Modification

Gear Graphing



Whatever your gear manufacturing or gears manufacturing requirements, for a competitive quotation please contact us on +44 01482 565566. An experienced staff member will be happy to advise and help you.







Freedom Enginnering's expertise extends throughout engineering and manufacture in aerospace, medical, defence, automotive, marine and hydraulic. With market leading facilities  and 80 years of experience, there is no better choice in precision cut gears anywhere in the UK and many of our clients find working with us means improved quality and reduced costs.


specialist gear cutting, UK manufacturing