Founded in 1947 by Mr P. Freeman. Freedom Engineering is a family company, and has spent two generations honing its skills in the manufacture (or cut only) of all types of gears and splines. We are proud of our history and the fact that our customer base extends to just about all sectors of engineering both in this country and abroad.

We are also proud of the fact that some of the customers we had when the company was started are still with us today and we thank them for their loyalty and support. Although the major part of our product is supplied to industry we are always making gearboxes and power trains for veteran, vintage, classic and competition vehicles.

We use the most up to date software currently available for this and have supplied custom made parts for some of the oldest fastest and most valuable cars in the world. We try to offer a friendly helpful service whether you require a one off component or production batches and whether it is supply complete or cut only. If you do not have drawings we have the experience and facility to work from samples alone.